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CAPTAIN MARVEL: Moonstone companion piece to this 

act i.  "My name is Dr. Sofen."
Dr. Karla Sofen (Ali Larter) is invited to Oscorp Research Facilities at the behest of a strange man named Johann Fenhoff, aka Dr. Faustus (William Petersen). After telling Karla he sees great potential within her, remarking on her resemblance to the Avenger Captain Marvel, he asks if she would like to be one of the important, special people. Hesitant at first, Sofen eventually accepts - and the consequences are dire.

act ii.  ”Get it done.”
Karla, now tortured by the memories and powers implanted in her head by Dr Faustus, struggles to keep her newfound abilities in check. After accidentally drawing public attention, the Council reconvene to brief SHIELD and ensure the unknown entity known as Moonstone is taken care of - deploying the former Air Force Colonel Carol Danvers (Jennifer Morrison), the newly christened Captain Marvel, to bring Moonstone in. The confrontation doesn’t end as planned though, with Karla overpowering Carol and taking her hostage.  

act iii.I’m a certified shrink. If I say you’re crazy, well, lady, you’re crazy.”
Karla spirals drastically. The power inside her driving her insane, she steals Carol’s costume and, masquerading as Captain Marvel, accidentally destroys half of Manhattan, unable to control her powers. Armed Forces arrive before SHIELD can contain the situation and Karla reacts - but Carol, in plain clothes, shows up just in time to stop the attack and fight Moonstone. However, with the costume change, it’s mistaken for the death of Captain Marvel - and Carol is on the hook for the damage and body count.

act iv.  "I’m Carol - I’m Carol Danvers!"
Falsely accused of terrorism and mass murder, Carol is forced into hiding, with the Avengers under orders to capture or kill. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), who refuses to believe it was really Carol, withdraws from the team to the anger of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), who believes her guilty. It draws a line in the sand within SHIELD, too, with Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson)  also taking the Captain’s side of things. Meanwhile, Colonel Mike Rossi (Mark Valley), a former Air Force friend, houses the distraught Danvers - but to what end?